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Phoenix Fitness was founded on the premise creating a new and better you, after the founder himself went on a voyage of discovery and transformed his body from out of shape and overweight to toned and lean in a mere 6 months. From that point Jordan realised not everybody wanted to go or felt comfortable in a gym, others wanted to supplement their gym training with some home workouts and so Phoenix Fitness was born to provide the tools to accomplish that. Phoenix Fitness still prides itself in helping normal people achieve their goals in the privacy of their own homes whilst providing value for money training accessories and cool items to make you look the part at the gym, above all accomplishing your goals.

Phoenix Fitness is also bringing together knowledge to inform, educate and motive you on your journey in the form of the blog which is a great place to start find out about where and how to start your fitness journey for no cost at all. We are here you help you achieve the new you that you and your loved one’s deserve.

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